We hit a cat and killed it….

by admin on May 30, 2015

I was driving in my car with my mom and a cat came out from another car and we ran over it and sure enough, we killed it. So being the decent people that we are, we went to find the cat's owner so we can tell them that we killed their cat. We knock on the person’s door and this lady answers with her kid and a baby. We basically tell her you know, we hit your cat and, do you have a garbage bag or anything that we can use to maybe pick it up or something to get it out of the street. Me and my mom both had like 50 dollars in our wallets so we offer it to her, you know for maybe to put it towards getting another cat or just to make her feel better. She took the money, gave us a garbage bag and thanked us for telling her.

We walked out to her car and there was a police officer standing there. He said "Excuse me, did you hit this cat?” We said “yeah, we went up to the lady and she gave us a bag and we gave her some money because we felt bad.” He said okay can you please take me up to the lady’s house please? We went again to her house and the lady answers the door. She asked "What’s the problem officer?" The officer says "Did you accept money from these people?" The lady says "Yes I did". The officer says "Ma'am, you are under arrest". My mom and I started freaking out because we wanted to know what the lady did. So we ask the officer what the lady did. The officer looks at us and says "For selling pussy".

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