Two racehorses are standing around bragging…

by admin on August 1, 2014

…they're both at the height of their careers. Champions in the field. Though curiously, they have never run against each other. They decide to race and see who's the better horse once and for all.

Once round the track, they come in nose to nose. The first horse, Solitary Thumbtack, says "Damn that was a good run. I only just pipped you. You ran well though mate!" "Wha'?! Are fucking kidding me?" says Idaho Chow Down, "I pipped you, you turkey. Let's go again."

Second time round, neck in neck. "Good run I.C.D. but not good enough." "Bullshit, horse! That was mine! One more."

Third time round, same result.

"You gotta admit, that time…" "Nah fuck off, I was miles ahead…"

"Excuse me, gents. May I be of assistance?" asks a nearby dog. "I hope you don't mind, but I've been watching you race and would be honoured to stand at the post and act as judge, if you think that would help?"

"Well I'll be damned." says S.T. "A talking dog."

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