Two Muslims in Riyadh

by admin on November 14, 2015

Discussing muslim's conditions around the world. Abu ahmad: muslims who are not living in muslim countries commits daily sins and they see Haram everywhere and dont try to stop it. They are actually more nonmuslims and they should not call themselves muslims. Only muslims in muslim countries could say they are muslims. Abu Abdulla: you are right Abu Ahmed i cant agree more.

Abu Ahmed : to be honest if you think about muslims in muslim countries, most of them dont pray in mosques and some dont even pray the 5 prayers a day and they see a lot of Haram in TV. They are truely not muslims and only arabian gulf countries can call themselves muslims.

Abu Abdulla: you are absolutely right, i cant agree more.

Abu Ahmed: Actually, if you think more about Qatar, UAE and other nighboring countries, they have no restrictions on alcohol and they have a lot of tv channels supporting the west and many of the women there dont wear Hijab. They are really not muslims and they should not call themselves muslims. Actually only Saudia Arabia have muslims who fear Allah and dont do Haram.

Abu Abdulla: i never thought about it this way, you are right Abu Ahmed , i cant agree more.

Abu Ahmed: wait a minute if you think deeper about Saudia Arabia, many people from Jeddah and AlDamam and other saudi cities dont pray in the mosque 5 times a day and they listen to music and support infidels football clubs. They are actually not muslims. Only people from Riyadh are truly muslims.

Abu Abdulla: wow Abu Ahmed, you are right again, they are not muslims and only muslims in Riyadh are.

Abu Ahmed: i actually saw some people in Riyadh miss the prayers and dont pray Alfajr in the mosque and some do Haram at home. To be honest Abu Abdulla, only me and yourself are muslims and i cant see anyone worth it to be called a muslim.

Abu Abdulla: Man this is the right thing to say. We are the right true muslims in the world alhamdillah and others are not.

Abu Ahmed: well Abu Abdulla i saw you coming late multiple times to the prayer so technically I am the only true muslims…….

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