Two men walk in to a cliff side bar.

by admin on June 18, 2015

Around 10 pm, two men with brown and black hair walk in to a cliff side bar. The men sit beside each other, start hammering down drinks, and hit it off. After much laughing and joking the black haired man gets serious. He whispers to the other, " you know, i heard the updraft on the side of this cliff is so strong, you can catch it in your coat and fly back to the bar.. I've always wanted to try it.." The brown haired man laughes it off as a crazy idea, and they continue to drink. However after another half hour of heavy drinking both men are sufficiently plastered, and the blacked haired man leans in again to slur out, "Really though man, i bet you ten bucks i can jump off that cliff and fly back to the top!" The brown haired man is just drunk enough now to become interested, so skeptically he follows him outside. "Here's what I'm gonna do," the black haired man exclaims between burps and sways " I'm gonna jump off that cliff, catch the air, and I'm gonna fly back up here!" And without missing a beat, he sprints towards the edge and throws himself off as the the brown haired man looks on, horrified. Not seconds after, despite all odds, the black haired man soars back onto the cliff, coat billowing in the strong wind. Shocked and amazed, the brown haired man asks him to do it again, and a third time, sure enough he always ends up flying safely back to the bar. "My god I've got to try this my self!" screams the brown haired man, as he runs to the cliff, throws himself off, and plummets 200 feet to his death. Just as the splat is heard, the bartender comes out shaking his head at the black haired man, and says " you know, you're a real ass-hole when you're drunk superman."

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