Two friends were hunting in the woods one day…

by admin on August 6, 2014

When they stumbled upon a giant, gaping hole. They were confused because they had been in that part of the woods several times, and they'd never seen it before. "Damn. How deep do ya s'pose it is?" one asks. "Couldn't say…hey, hows about we drop something in n' find out?"

The two men look around for something to throw in. One finds a decent-sized tree branch, takes it to the hole, and drops it in. The two men listen closely…but they don't hear a thing. "We need something bigger," the first man says. They look around for a minute when one of them finds a large log. He picks it up, and throws it down in the hole. The two men listen very closely…but they hear nothing. "Damn!" One says. "We need something bigger!"

The two men survey the area for a bit. Then, buried under some leaves, one finds an old, rusty piece of railroad tie. "Here we go!" he shouts. The two men take either sides of the tie, and lift it up off the ground. After carrying it over to the hole, they swing it outward, and it plummets down into the darkness. They listen very, very carefully…but they hear nothing.

And then, from behind, a little white goat comes bolting through the trees, screaming. It runs between the two men and jumps as far as it can before the hole swallows it. "Ho-lee SHIT!" one exclaims. "The hell was that?!" Down the trail, the two hunters see a third man walking down towards them. He waves and says to them, "Evening, fellas. Any chance either of you two have seen my pet goat around here?"

The hunters are dumbfounded. "Sir," one says. "We just saw your goat come runnin' through the woods a minute ago, and he done gon' jumped in this hole!" The man frowns at this. "No," he says. "That's not possible." "It's true!" The other hunter says. "That goat just came runnin' through here and committed suicide! We saw it!"

The man still frowns. "No fellas, that can't be my pet goat." "How do you figure?!" One hunter asks. "Because," the man says, "I just tied my goat to a big ol' piece of railroad tie a little bit ago."

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