True story

by admin on March 26, 2014

A woman suddenly said to the man who was in bed with her, "Get up, quick! I heard the noise of my husband's car, which is so rotten that you can hear it from half a mile away. He has just braked in the driveway. You just get up!"

The man got up and he said, "But where am I to go?"

She said, "Jump out of the window!"

Fortunately it was not a sixty story building — it was just the ground floor — so he jumped out. But he was naked and it was raining. But fortunately a group of joggers was passing by so he joined them, finding no other way; otherwise, standing there naked, he would be caught.

He mixed with the two dozen joggers, and in the darkness of the early morning he managed well. Just one jogger by his side saw that this man looked naked. He could not resist his temptation. He asked, "Do you always jog naked?"

The man said, "Yes." Then as darkness was disappearing and a little light was coming up, the jogger recognized that the naked man was nobody else but the bishop. And in that small light he saw that he was not just naked, he was wearing a condom.

He said, "Father, do you always wear a condom when jogging?"

The bishop said, "No, not always; only when it is raining."

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