So three guys arrive at the Pearly Gates…

by admin on May 17, 2014

St. Peter says "Guys, we're almost at our limit for the day, so… you three tell me your stories, and the best one can go through."

So the first guy says "Well, I thought my wife was cheating on me, so I doubled back home on the way to work. My wife was sitting in bed with the covers around her, so I took a look around. I ended up finding a guy hanging from the balcony, so I pushed him off. He fell off, but landed in a tree, so I grabbed our refrigerator and threw it down at him, but just after the deck collapsed and I died."

The second guy says: "So, some lady called me to come fix her deck, so I showed up to fix it. Unfortunately, I slipped, and started hanging from the deck, but then some crazy guy came over, pushed me off and threw a refrigerator at me!"

The third guy says: "So there I was, hiding in a refrigerator…"

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