So a man with a ski mask on…

by admin on April 23, 2014

…walks into a bank with a gun in hand. He runs up to the first teller and holds the gun up to her. "This is a robbery! Gimme everything you got!"

"Bu…but sir i dont think you understand. This is a sperm bank" said the teller.

Obviously thrown off guard, the robber stands there baffled. After a few seconds, he holds the gun up to the teller again. "Okay, well…. grab a cup of ypur freshest sperm and put it on the counter."

"What?! I dont know if i…."

"Do it or i'll shoot you!"

She reaches into a nearby fridge, places the cup on the counter, and puts her hands back up.

"Now drink it!"

"Wha….what?! I dont…"


Frightened, the woman opens the cup and quickly drinks it.

The man drops his gun and takes his mask off. It's the tellers husband. He smiles and walks up to her, "See? Now that wasn't so bad!"

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