Satan gets burned.

by admin on August 22, 2014

A single father of a 2 year old boy, down on his luck, is sitting on a curbside praying to the winds for a break. Suddenly Satan appears in front of him. "I have heard your pleas mortal and shall grant you infinite fortune and fame. However, it will cost you your first born child." After a while pondering the offer the father eventually gave in. "I'll take your offer, but I must warn you. My son has a nasty habbit of throwing bottles". Satan acknowleged the boy's quirk and took the child without a second thought. The next day Satan shows up at the dad's new penthouse appartment, blistered and scorched, and demanded the father take the child back. The father asked what happened to which Satan replied, "I don't suppose you know about what Hell is like, but there are many little fires around that keep the place lit and warm". The father asked if the boy pushed Satan in a fire. "No, worse." said Satan. "Little bastard got into the liquor cabinent!"

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