John eagerly awaits for his first child to be born…

by admin on July 30, 2014

After 9 hours in labor his wife gives birth to a baby boy, Henry. John is so overcome with joy, he vows always to keep him happy and offer him the best in life.

Henry is 5 years old. John ask him "Henry, what do you want for your birthday?" Henry says "a pingpong ball" John is confused at first. So John gets him a brand new bike.

Henry is 16 years old. He gets his first job and quickly rises to assistant manager. John is so proud of his son he asks henry "what do you want as a reward?" Henry says "a pingpong ball" John is confused once again so he gets him a brand new smart phone.

Henry is 18 years old and graduating from high school at the top of his class. John is again amazed and proud. and again he asks Henry "what do you want for your graduation gift?" Henry says "a pingpong ball" John, still confused but used to it now, gets him a brand new car.

Henry is now 27 years old and getting married. John asks his son henry "what do you want for your wedding gift?" Henry replies "a pingpong ball." John gets henry a new house for his son and daughter in law."

One day henry is working on the roof of his house. He slips and falls off. John goes to the hospital to see how hes doing. The doctor informs him that Henry's condition is worsening and that John may not have a lot of time. So John goes inside the room. Holding back tears before he says his final goodbye to his son. John says "Henry, you have been the best son a father can ask for. You always made me proud. But can I ask you one thing before you're gone?" Henry nods. John continues "why did you always ask for a pingpong ball?" Henry struggles, then clears his throat. "The reason I always wanted a pingpong ball was because…" then he flatlines.

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