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Three African explorers are captured by a tribe of savages, and are brought before the chief.

"You have trespassed on our land," says the chief. "Your choice is death, or hugga-bugga."

The first explorer thinks about it, and chooses hugga-bugga. The savages then bend him over a tree stump, and the chief gives him a good ass-fucking. They let him go, and he stumbles off.

The second explorer is given the same option. "I don't want to die," he thinks, "and that didn't look so bad." So he chooses hugga-bugga. This time they bend him over the tree stump, and after the chief is done, all of his top hunters have a go. They let him go, and he hobbles off.

The third explorer is horrified, and sees that it keeps getting worse, so when he is asked, he chooses death.

"So be it," the chief says, "Death, by hugga-bugga."

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