How Black Tooth McPhee Lost His Eye

by admin on April 5, 2014

It was a typical evening at the pub by the bay when a young man walks in and spots old Black Tooth McPhee sitting in a corner.

The yound man walks up to the old pirate and gives him a rowdy hi ho and says, "Ah McPhee, you're not looking so good since the last time I saw ye. What happened to ye Mate?"

McPhee, replies in a raspy voice, "Ye see Lad, I lost me leg when I fell overboard and a shark took it off below the knee. And I lost me hand in a card game that went wrong."

Says the young fella, "But yer eye, McPhee?"

The old pirate explained, "Arghh, I lost it when a bird shit in it."

Replies the young fella, "But how can that be?"

"Well, it was the first day I had the hook ye see," he says, smiling with his black tooth a showing.

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