Father Thomas in NYC

by admin on April 1, 2014

Father Thomas having just graduated from seminary in Kansas was assigned to St Patrick's in NYC. When he arrived, he was greeted by the Mother Superior, who told him that Pastor Sean was out> The mother superior suggested that Thomas take a walk around NYC and see the sights. As he's walking down the street a rather scantily dressed young lady walks up to him and says "$25 for a quickie father", being rather naïve and not wanting to offend her he nods and smiles and says "Bless you my child" as he walks on down the road. A short while later another young woman approaches and says "$25 for a quickie father. Again he nods and smiles "Bless you my child". Rather perplexed he wonders what this "quickie" is. WHen he arrives back at St Patrick's, he again sees the mother Superior, he asks her if she how long she has been living in NYC. "All My life" she replies. "May I ask you a question then? What's a quickie?. Mother Superior gives him a good luck up and down and responds "$25 same as downtown."

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