Documentary Crew on a Cannibal Island

by admin on June 19, 2015

A documentary crew of three guys explore an island and stumble across some natives. The natives turn out to be cannibals and the three guys get captured and tied up.

They are each given an option;

"You can either complete our two trials, fail and we'll kill you and eat you or don't take part in the trials and we'll kill you and eat you right now."

All three decided the trials were a better option.

"So what is the first trial?" one said.

"Go into the forest and gather 10 of the same kind of fruit then return" said the chief.

"Easy enough" said the men and were escorted into the forest to gathering fruit.

The first of the three men chose to gather apples and it did not take him too long so he returned promptly.

"What is the next trial?" he asked the Chief.

"Now take those 10 fruit, insert them into your anus and do not make any noise, fail and be eaten."

Shocked but with no option the man began to insert apples into his anus. After the third apple he couldn't help but wince in pain. He was killed and thrown into a cooking pot.

The second of the men returned having gathered 10 small berries off the ground. He too was told the second trial required inserting them into his anus without making a sound.

Easily enough the berries went in. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. And on the 9th berry the man burst out into laughter, was killed and thrown into the pot.

At the gates of heaven, the first guy observed what had just happened and when his friend joined him to enter the pearly gates he had to ask;

"You had 9 berries in your anus then burst out laughing! You were nearly free! Why did you laugh?"

To which the other guy responded;

"I just saw our friend coming out of the forest carrying pineapples."

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