Daddy, how did you name me?

by admin on August 4, 2014

A father is resting outside on a summer afternoon when his young daughter comes up to him and asks, "Daddy, how did I get my name?" He replied, "Well sweetheart, when you were born your mother and I didn't know what to name you so we brought you home from the hospital and set you down in the nursery. Just then a breeze blew in through the window and a lily petal rested ever so gently on your nose so we decided to name you Lily" Lily gleefully ran away to brag to her sister. The other daughter comes running over yelling, "Daddy Daddy how did I get my name??" Again the father responds, "Well just like your sister Lily, we didn't know what to name you. When you came home from the hospital we laid you down in the nursery to let you sleep. While you were sleeping a fall breeze blew in a precious little rose petal that drifted right onto your little nose. So, your mother and I decided to name you Rose.” Just then the father’s third daughter came stumbling outside yelling an unintelligible, “EEEAahhhhhOHHhhhh” The father quickly responds, “SHUT UP Cinderblock!”

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