Black Jesus

by admin on August 10, 2014

A homeless homie sees Jesus walking by and says, "Aightt Jesus, what you got for me today, I been gooood?"

Jesus replies, "it's all good to me brother, you know the world is yours man, whatever you want. "

"I want the numbers to the lotto" the homeless says, rubbing his hands together anxiously, like there's a genie in a lamp.

To which Jesus replies "is that the best you can ask man? I mean there are folks out here dieing of famine and pestilence, and you want the lotto numbers? Cmon man, you can do better than that!"

Homeless man looking all kinds of confused asks, "what can you give me then?"

Jesus smiles and says, "I got kindness, compassion, and I got love for all mankind. You better get up on some that man"

"ain't nobody want no shit like that", replies the homeless man.

" Aightt well fuck yo ol stanky ass self then. You smell like ass and crackers", proclaims Jesus.

Homeless man looks puzzled and as he walks away says," you can't assault me in my living room"

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