A student needs to pass a course but he didn’t study for the exam.

by admin on June 26, 2015

He enters the professor's office and explains his situation. The professor is annoyed and asks why he shouldn't just give him an F and ask him out.

"I'm a tremendous magician!", the student exclaims, he flails his arms in desperation, puts hand in his jacket and POOF!!! – after the smoke clears he is holding a rabbit in his hand. The professor is amazed. "What more can you do?".

"Well", the student says with newly found confidence, "for a C I can get out of here and reappear in front of you on your desk. For a B I can then levitate over you, and for an A I will unzip my pants, take a piss in your direction but you'll stay completely dry and clean! That's the ultimate trick".

The professor agrees, so the student puts the rabbit on professors' desk and leaves the room. Suddenly, the rabbit explodes in a cloud of smoke and ZOOM!!! the student stands now on his desk in place of the rabbit! The professor's jaw is wide open. That's not the end, though!!! The student closes his eyes, start to whisper some mysterious words and SHOO!!! – now he floats two feet over the desk! "IMPOSSIBLE!" the professor shouts while preparing for the ultimate trick. The floating student unzips his pants, pulls them down, brings out his johnson, points it at the professor and starts to piss in his direction and SHAZAM!!!… nothing out of regular happens and he pisses all over professors' clothes and hair and face.

"Oh, fuck. I guess B will have to do."

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