A story about two chickens

by admin on March 5, 2014

Once upon a time, there were two chickens. Their names were Gregg and Cooper.

They were best of friends and did everything together. Going on walks, out for a drink, but the thing they enjoyed the most was crossing roads. They found it exhilarating and it was their way of getting an adrenaline rush.

One winter morning, on an especially icy day, Gregg ran to Cooper's house and said "Cooper! Cooper! Let's go cross the road! It's really icy, so it'd be double the fun!"

Cooper agreed, and they went to cross the road. But due to a horrible, slippery accident, he got squished.

In a desperate attempt to save his best buddy, Gregg took Cooper's flattened body and ran to the nearest vet. He said "Please help my friend! He got run over while crossing the road!"

The vet examined the body for a while and eventually decided he could help. "I can definitely make him look like his old self." Said the vet, and rolled one side of Cooper like so.

He then said "There! Look! He's already almost a chicken."

Gregg took a look and, being a little confused and annoyed, said "What are you doing? You're not doing anything to help, you just rolled him up like some kind of yoga mat!"

The vet said "No, i'm not done. Trust me." He then rolled the other side up and said "There! Look! Isn't it starting to look a lot like your friend?"

Gregg was starting to lose his patience. "No! If you don't take this seriously, he's going to die!"

The vet tried to calm him down. "I'm still not done." He then folded Cooper's body up in half and said "Look, surely he looks familiar now!"

Gregg was very angry. "That's my friend's life on your hands, and you're not doing anything to help! I'm going to another vet!"

The vet said "I'm almost done."


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