A nudist walks into a bar…

by admin on August 9, 2014

He sits down at a barstool and asks the bartender for a pint. The bartender brings him a pint and says, "Hey son, I noticed you had a butt plug in when you walked in. Kinda odd for a nudist like yourself, don't you think?"

The nudists sighs and says, "There is actually a story behind that but that is for another time." Thus ends the conversation for the time being. The bartender is still somewhat curious so a short time later he comes over and asks again.

The nudist seems uncomfortable but in the end he agrees and says, "I was out for my daily walk last night along the beach when I tripped and fell on a magic lamp. I was genuinely inquisitive so I gave that magic lamp a little rub and wouldn't you know it? A genie popped out and offered to grant me one wish."

"Wow," remarked the bartender, "What did you say to the genie after that?"

"No shit!" the nudist replied.

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