A Mexican, Jew and an Indian (from India)

by admin on August 7, 2014

A Mexican A Jew and an Indian are all on a road trip together when they're car breaks down in a rural area of the country, the Jew spots is a house a few miles down the road. when they reach the house a farmer opens up the door. after they tell the farmer there predicament he says they can sleep in his house but one has to sleep in the barn since there are only two extra rooms. The Indian offers to sleep in the barn first. A few minutes later there is a knock on the door, the Indian says he cannot sleep in the barn since there cows and they are holy in his religion. The Jew says that he will spend the night in the barn then. A few minutes later there is a second knock on the door. The Jew proclaims there are pigs in the barn and proceeds to say that he cannot sleep in the barn because they are a taboo in his religion. Finally the Mexican says he will sleep in the barn. A few minutes pass and there is yet another knock on the door. Its the farm animals

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