A man walks into a strip club…

by admin on June 23, 2015

And sits down at the runway. He watches for a bit, and then the strippers start to make their rounds. One sits in his lap. "Would you like a dance?" She asks. Why not, the man thinks, "let's go!"

The stripper guides him to the lapdance area. While there, she asks if he wants to go to the champagne room, and she whispers in his ear, "$50 for a blow job, $100 for sex, $200 for The Secret!"

"What's The Secret?" The man asks. His curiosity is piqued, you see. "You'll have to find out," she says. What the hell, he thinks. "Ok, let me have The Secret." She takes him to the champagne room, and says, "There's one rule. The lights have to be out." OK, he thinks. And she turns the light out. A few seconds go by, and he feels her start to give him a blowjob. Feels like a normal blowjob, he thinks. But then…

The stripper starts singing! Full on opera, while she's blowing him. How is she doing this? He finishes, she turns the light on, and he says "how'd you do that?" The stripper smiles coyly and says, "That's The Secret!"

The man leaves. How did she do it? The question gnaws at him. The next evening, he returns. He tracks her down, and says, "I want The Secret again." Same story– this time, however, she sings "What does the Fox say?" Distracting choice of song, but still doesn't answer the question. The light goes on, he offers to give he another $200 for the answer. "My little secret!" The stripper says.

Now the man is angry. he's being made a fool, he thinks to himself. So he goes back the next day, angrily hands her $200, and says "The Secret!" Back to the room they go. But he has a plan this time, you see. Same story- lights go off, she starts blowing him, and she starts singing Moon River. As soon as she starts, though, he flips the light on.

And there, sitting on the table next to them, was a glass eye.

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