A man is walking along a beach…

by admin on April 19, 2014

When all of a sudden he finds a lamp.

He thinks to himself, " I wonder if a genie will a appear if I rub it?" The man then begins to rub the lamp.

A genie appears. The man surprised, asks the genie if he would receive his three wishes.

"You have three wishes, but you cannot ask for love and or other wishes."

"Fair enough. My first wish is to have all the money in the world."

"Wish granted," replies the genie

All the money the man could ever want is laid out before him on the beach.

"Ok genie, I want to live luxuriously with many houses."

"Wish granted," replies the genie.

All over the beach there stood huge, beautiful houses with all the bells and whistles a person could wish for.

"This third wish is a little embarrassing, could we go inside? I don't want to say this in public."

"Sure," replies the genie. After a few minutes, three Clansmen are standing at the door holding a noose. The man bewildered asks the genie why these Clansmen are at his door. The genie says, "Hey, YOU said you wanted to be hung like a nigger!"

sorry so this is so,extremely racist. A coworker shared this with me the other day. I thought It was funny enough to share here.

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