A man and his wife go golfing

by admin on April 4, 2014

A man and his wife go golfing, and on the 8th hole he shanks the ball into a nearby barn. "Darn it," he says, "I'll have to take a penalty on that ball."

"No you don't," his wife says. "If I stand here and hold the barn door open, you should be able to get to the green in two."

So she holds the door open, and he takes his swing. The ball hits his wife in the head, killing her instantly.

A year to the day passes and it finds the golfer back on the same course, this time playing with a co-worker. As luck would have it, he shanks it again and ends up in the same barn.

"Don't worry," says the co-worker, "I can hold the door open and you'll be back on the fairway like that."

"Oh no," the golfer says, "I did the exact same thing a year ago with terrible results."

"What was that?" the co-worker asks.

"I got a par 4," the golfer says.

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