A chicken walks into a library…

by admin on July 29, 2014

… and goes up to the librarian at the front desk.

Librarian: Can I help you?

Chicken (stares at her for a minute, then says): Book!

The librarian is confused, but gives the chicken a random book, who looks happy and leaves.

The next day, the chicken returns looking a bit irritated, and returns the book.

Librarian: Oh, hi. Can I help you again?

Chicken: Book book book!

The librarian is still confused, but gives the chicken three random books, which it takes under its wing and goes on its way.

The next day, the librarian sees the chicken come back to the library again, returning all three books. Before she has a chance to ask anything the chicken clucks:

Chicken: Book, book book book, book!

Taken aback, the librarian gives the chicken five more books before it leaves. But the librarian is curious about what exactly is going on here, so she takes her break and follows the chicken out of the building. Eventually, she sees the chicken go into a house, so the librarian sneaks up to the window and looks inside. There, she sees a sick frog, with a cast on its leg, resting in bed. The chicken suddenly comes into the room, gives the frog a hug, and hands over the books it got from the library. The frog then takes a glance at each book, but looks bored and says:

Frog: Reddit, reddit, reddit, reddit, reddit

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