A 50 year old woman dies and goes to heaven…

by admin on August 18, 2014

Upon arriving at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter looks surprised and tries to find her name in the 'Death Book'.
He doesn't find her name there and tells her, ' there must have been a mistake. You were not supposed to die, you still have 30 more years ahead of you. Since it was a mistake and it is unfair, I will send you back.'
The woman wakes up and is really excited. She thinks that since she has 30 more years to live, why not get a facelift and feel young again. So she goes to a hospital and gets a facelift and feels really good about it. On her way home, she gets hit by a car and dies.
She arrives at the gates again and is really pissed. She goes to St.Peter and asks, 'What the hell? You told me I had 30 more years to live.'
St. Peter looks closely at her and says. 'Sorry, I didn't recognise you.'

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