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by pitocus on August 27, 2010

Project Runway deletions using a weekly format of a group of 12 or more designers to reduce to 3 (except in the 3rd season) before the Final Challenge. Each of the weekly challenges will require designers to create a dress for one or more pieces to be presented on a catwalk. Some parades require designers to use their wits to carry them out, as they must create dresses with unusual materials, such as works of an apartment (Season 3), recyclable materials (Season 3), objects in a candy store (Seasons 1 & 5), food (Seasons 1 & 4), plants and flowers (Season 2), with the clothes they are wearing at the time that the challenge was laid down (Season 2), design for a celebrity (Brooke Shields, Sasha Cohen or Tara Conner), to fashion line (Banana Republic, Diane Von Furstenberg, Livi’s or Macy’s INC) or focused on a specific theme (wedding dress, evening, cocktail, etc).
The show is filmed in New York and Paris (only in the 3rd season). The designers work at Parsons: The New School for designers. Designers are divided by gender (male or female) in 3 / 4 by sex in the Atlas of New York (A building located near Parsons) in seasons 1, 2, 3 & 5 at the 4 was used in New Gotham. Designers have rules, such as: They can not leave the apartment without permission, can not use Internet, can not communicate with family or friends without permission, they can not carry books related to sewing or fashion. Otherwise they will be disqualified from the competition, as was the case of Keith Michael in Season 3.
The designers are given a certain budget to buy the fabric used in the respective challenge, besides a time limit to complete their designs, usually 12 hours to 3 days. Often the designers work independently, but in some cases must work in pairs, trios or groups. Once the time limit designers take their models makeup, dress and put accessories. Each model shows the dress on the runway and the contestant is evaluated by a panel of judges, who give a score from 0 to 5 and recorded other observations of the design. After that, Heidi calls the gateway to the three best designs and the three worst (when there are less than 6 calls them). At that time designers with better scores explain about the design, with the aim of winning it. While designers with less score defend her dress, in order that it not be removed. Then, the four judges deliberate to know who will win the challenge and who will leave the competition, usually the winning designer gets immunity for the folowing challenge, therefore, can not be removed, usually when they are 8 or 7 designers just immunity. Also, in some cases the winning dress is exposed in a photo shoot for Elle magazine, sold a company limited in line with the challenge or is sold on Internet ( from the 4th season).
The designer is eliminated, usually takes leave of Heidi Klum with a double air kiss on the cheek of each participant (prior to this’re told Out) on the runway the typical sentence saying Auf Wiedersehen (that means goodbye in German .) Therefore each phase is known to be auf’d, instead of “being eliminated.”
After the final challenge, the three or four finalists have to create a fashion collection of 12 pieces to be presented in New York in the Olympic Fashion Week in Bryant Park. The finalists have 12 weeks and $ 8,000 dollars to complete this task. they play in their own homes or workshops. Before the show, the designers must return to New York to supervise the models, do their makeup and hair consultations, join the final touches to their clothes, etc. And you can be thrown an additional challenge, creating a dress with a partner removed (As in the 2nd season). Their ballots revenues are transferred to the production, in order to monitor if you really set up their dresses and also whether they spent more than they should (U.S. $ 8,000), this would be against the rules, otherwise you should remove it surplus (as happened to Jeffrey Sebelia, who had to remove the blonde wig and pants pliz) thing that could affect the show and therefore damage your score to the jury, or threaten to resort to external items (as happened Kara Saun, with hiring external shoe models.) Project Runway winner receives U.S. $ 100,000 to start her own line of design, tutoring a compalía (Seasons 1-3), the possibility of selling their diiseños in (Seasons 4-5) and a Saturn Sky Roadster the year.
The models are with the designers each week are also in competition, every week or sometimes every other week are eliminated, in the end only one model is the winner and receives an Elle magazine article for a year. At first the models are assigned to – chance and challenge from the second onwards, the designers will have the opportunity to choose the model with whom they work. Ell previous challenge winner chooses first, and the other designers choose models as Heidi calls out randomly when their names on a giant buttons in a black velvet bag. Although there are times when only the winning designer given the option to choose one of the following options: either to keep their previous model, choose the model losing the previous challenge or change the models that compete with another designer. When one model is eliminated Heidi also tells Sorry You’re Out and then gives them a double air kiss on the cheek and the typical Auf Wiedersehen before they leave the runway. Some challenges are not used models, such as creating a piece for another designer (Seasons 2 & 5), create an outfit for themselves (Season 3), create an outfit for women who have lost weight (Season 4), create a graduation dress (Season 4), create an outfit for the WWE divas (Season 4), create an outfit for a Drag Queen (Season 5) or create a dress for women who are about to enter the world of work ( Season 5).
Accompanying judges Heidi, are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and fourth judge may be.

For more information, visit: Project Runway DVD

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