Amazing Stories

by admin on May 25, 2011

Amazing Stories remember seeing every week when I was a child.

Rewatching Amazing Stories episodes on DVD brought back many memories for me.

Season 1 is usually a clear winner. There were some episodes I found it quite boring, but there were many more I loved it. My personal rating in the episodes of season 1 are:

9.10 1 Ghost Train ~ Great series opener. Steven had Spiellberg magic touch over it.
2 The main attraction ~ 8.10 rather clever episode.
3 Alamo Jobe 06.10 ~ ok episode. A bit boring
4 Mom, Dad 10.10 ~ This was the first masterpiece, in my humble opinion. Great episode hilarious!
5 The Mission ~ 10/10 if Mom Dad was the first comic masterpiece, the mission was Frist’s dramatic masterpiece.
6 The Amazing Falsworth ~ 8.10 very good, the story of suspense
7 Fine ~ 10.07 notch little cute and kooky, but not exceeding
8 Mr. Magic 10.7 ~ another pretty good episode, but not first class
9 5.10 ~ guilt trip not one of my favorites, I was bored enough with it.
10 The man on the remote control 10.5 ~ another below average episode for me
Santa ’85 8.10 ~ 11 considering that there are episodes Santa too many topics on television to tell, this time it was very nice
12 Vanessa in episode 10.10 ~ beautiful garden. Exquisite.
13 The Sitter 10.8 ~ I found this very funny episode.
14 No day at the beach 10.8 ~ this is the second “war” episode Theme (The Mission was the first), and although not as good as The Mission, which is still very good
15 One for 5.10 one way below average.
Collect 16 10.3 acorns You really did not like this at all. I guess I’m being generous by giving it a 3.
17 Boo! 10.8 ~ Cute episode. It reminded me of Beetlejuice (Spirit of life in the attic trying to get rid of Tennants new)
Dorothy and Ben 18 10.10 ~ another beautiful episode.
19 Mirror, Mirror 10.10 ~ absolutely first class and the first episode to scare me silly. Better than some of the “horror” movies of the modern era.
Secret Cinema 6.10 20 ~ Ok episode reminded me of The Truman Show
Hell Toupee 10.1 21 ~ this is by far the worst episode, in my humble opinion. Comparing HT to an episode like “The Mission” is quite laughable.
22 10.10 ~ Another doll episode beautiful, exquisite. John Lithgow probably gave one of the best performances of the first full sesason.
One of the books 23 10.4 ~ what a let down after “The Doll”.
Grandpa’s Ghost ~ wonderful ending 24 10.9 Season 1

With the exception of a few, I thought that most of the episodes were definitely above average. Likewise, the impressive list of guest stars: Kevin Costner, Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Gregory Hines, Sam Waterston, Harvey Kitel, and of course, John Lithgow, to name a few, gave the audience the feeling they were watching a mini -movie every week.

Also for me, I find so appealing Amazing Stories is a show for the whole family can watch and enjoy together, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days. I highly recommend Amazing Stories for your DVD collection.

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