The Twilight Zone: Season 4 in Blu-ray (1963)

by admin on May 25, 2011

Blue Ray fans of “The Twilight Zone

Thanks to the wonderful invention of Blue Ray fans of “The Twilight Zone” Now you can enjoy the series in fine condition, pristine. In this series all 18 episodes of season 4 (BLUE RAY RELEASE MAY 17, 2011) have been restored from original prints study. I have both the complete series on DVD and compared with the blue rays that have been made available and the difference is remarkable: the print is even more dynamic and appealing, and it is as if the characters come to us on the screen. Another great asset for the purchase of the blue rays are the additional bonds are not included in the DVD editions.

The fourth season of “The Twilight Zone,” began in January 1963 after being canceled by CBS in the spring of last year. It replaced the show had been canceled by so-called “Fair Exchange.” To fill the slot after CBS brought Hout “The Twilight Zone” back in an hour quotas, so even fewer episodes of season four were shot that extended beyond the normal thirty minutes running time . Creator Rod Serling hated the new format of the time when he felt that the writers had to write stories way beyond its value to fill an hour of primetime programming.

The list of special bonuses for this particular Blue Ray include 13 new audio commentary from “Twilight Zone Companion” writer Marc Scott Zicree and other supporters and critics of the series. All bonus DVD also included here, and include interviews with guest stars as Anne Francis Morgan and Brittany, 7 dramas, the scores of isolated incidents select, and more.

The following is a list of season 4 of “Twilight Zone” episodes, along with the date of issue;

1. “In His Image”, January 3, 1963
2. “The Thirty-Fathom tomb, January 10, 1963
3. “Valley of the Shadow”, January 17, 1963
4. “It’s alive”, January 24, 1963
5. “Silence”, January 31, 1963
6. “Death Ship”, February 7, 1963
7. “Jess-Belle”, Fe 14, 1963
8. “Thumbnail”, February 21, 1963
9. “Printer’s devil”, February 28, 1963
10. “No time like the past,” March 7, 1963
11. “The Parallel”, March 14, 1963
12. “I Dream of Genie”, March 21, 1963
13. “The new exhibition,” April 4, 1963
14. “For Late Thinking About Cliffordville, April 11, 1963
15. “The Incredible World of Horace Ford”, April 18, 1963
16. “On Thursday we leave for home,” May 2, 1963
17. “The approval by the Lady Anne”, May 9, 1963
18. “The Bard”, May 23, 1963

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