Emma Watson reads “A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul”

by admin on May 31, 2011

If she reads it, you must read Chicken Soup for the Soul

Emma Watson reads "A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen present another joyful collection of stories for your reading pleasure. Within the pages of A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul you will find shining examples of the best qualities we all share as human beings: compassion, grace, forgiveness, hope, courage, dedication, generosity and faith.

When they tout this series of Chicken Soup books as “Stories To Open The Heart And Rekindle The Spirit” they are not kidding! I have the first three Servings, and have the fourth on order. I read them cover to cover, laughing, crying, sighing. I can’t bookmark any one page because almost every single page is great, and can be related to my life or referred to others to help in their lives. It is a book on life’s perspectives… These two men hit the nail on the head everytime with the book’s entries. I can read the book cover to cover, and find myself going back a day or two later, and re-reading one or more of the stories, as it relates to my life. I would recommend this book to everyone, young and old alike. It is truly a book, and a series, for everyone!!

A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul is a collection of heart-warming stories, which is written by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor. All the stories in this book are true stories. Some of the many different subjects in this collection include, love, parenting, teaching and learning, death, and a matter of perspective. There is a subject for everyone to enjoy and come to understand. These books can help you cope with many things because you realize how many people have gone through this also. There is no boring part to it because all the stories are short and to the point. Kenny Loggins said, “I always take Chicken Soup on the road with me. It can turn a blue night alone in a distant hotel into a mini retreat-quick and easy to fix.” This statement is true because when you read it in your house or anywhere else it transports you to another place, and puts you in the scene of the action. Anyone who is looking for something enjoyable to read should read this book because there is something for everyone.

Each year I look for the perfect gift to give my mother,and each year she tells me my love is enough.My most special gifts are the stories of the lives we live along with our family and friends. Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen have captured feelings and pieces of my own life.What more could a mother want than sharing lifes moments with her child,knowing they will live forever in a book. I am sure whoever reads this book, or other books written by Canfield and Hansen will have to agree. There are stories in each book that hit very close to home or you feel someone has been looking inside your heart. Truly a book that can be read again and again and bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. I feel sure A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul will be a welcomed gift, that is if I ever get it wrapped! Paulette Burk

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