Butterfly in a Jar

by admin on May 25, 2011

You can have a butterfly in a jar forever!

I found this on a total whim in a gift shop and loved it so i had to take one home with me. Now I want to get more for all my friends to enjoy, what a clever idea! I feel too mean to keep a real butterfly in a jar, but it is surprisingly realistic.

butterfly in a jar

It looks like an old canning jar, which makes it just that much more realistic. The sides of the jar are textured balls and a jar that is, with the “brand” and measurements. At first I thought it was a shame, it might be able to see the butterfly better without the elevated parts of texture in the glass, but then I realized this helps make it more real and also distracts the eyes of the little thin wire that powers the butterfly.

Tap the jar to make the butterfly in a jar fly

As you tap on an insect in a jar to get it to move, to touch this one to start the animation of the butterfly. As I said – so real! It has several different rotations of movement: shaking, waving his wings, and is still sometimes slowly, while the opening and closing its wings. Just like a real butterfly could vary their movements, this is done well. You can even hear tinkling against the glass.

The first time you get your wing, make sure to change the demo mode for completely unscrewing the cover and replace the switch. You can change the batteries when needed, but warned that the manufacturer will attempt to remove the animation module under the lid (you can see if you have the jar over his eyes, but generally remains well hidden below the metal screw-top lid.) Mine came with batteries already exist, without buying or installing it myself.

Not only * I * I love the butterfly (now part of my spring centerpiece on my dining table, ready to charm guests when they come), which has also been fun to show my two years and also my cats have had so much entertainment with just sit and watch! I think this is a very creative gift and is perfect for almost everyone! I’m excited to introduce this fun little idea of ​​my friends and family is too cute and sweet.

Powered by three AAA batteries (supplied with the throttle), the “Butterfly My” product is a unique feat of microelectronics. Each time you touch the glass bottle you can see “My Butterfly” window, flap and flutter. No need to turn off, batteries last on standby for months ready for a touch of awakening. It can be awakened by the noise.

Gently tap the bottle once and for instant action! One after willl touch up your butterfly, two touches are three taps will fuss and flap around in the glass bottle. The butterfly is also activated by ambient noise and music. No need to turn the page “My Butterfly” was, batteries last on standby for months ready for a touch of awakening.

Everybody will want a butterfly in a jar that lives for ever.

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