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by admin on March 31, 2014

These should all be real words

self-censorsnip (n.) the minor editing of a tweet, in order to avoid causing offence to a, probably fictional, group or person.

congratulotions (n.) the buttering-up of an odious colleague who has been unfairly promoted to a position of seniority

glibido (n.) the promise of much sexual energy in conversation, followed by failure to rise to expectations in actuality

Decaflon (prop. n.) the gruelling event of getting through a day without the assistance of caffeine. (see also: decaflete)

felation (n.) the exhilaration and supreme happiness the recipient of a good blowjob might feel, upon completion.

fistal policy (adj.) economic strategy which anally assaults the electorate (esp. preceded by politicians "rolling up sleeves")

intaxication (n.) a state of drunkenness which precludes use of public transport, necessitating use of a cab.

telephoney (n.) the act of pretending to be on a terribly important call in order to avoid talking to some undesirable.

televasion (n.) pretending to be engrossed in a programme in order to avoid a difficult conversation (adj. televasive).

counterfit (n.) clothing which has been knowingly purchased far too small, in the vague hope purchaser will soon be slimmer.

ambiguilty (adj.) the state of being to blame, whichever way and from whatever angle one looks at an issue.

All by [Sturdy Alex on Twitter](www.twitter.com/sturdyalex)

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