Whatever you wish for, your ex-wife get 10 times that and her mom gets 20 times

by admin on April 21, 2014

A man stumbles upon a lamp and upon rubbing it, a nice little genie appears .

The genie tells him that he gets three wishes like everyone else but there is a catch, whatever he wishes for , his stupid sadistic cheating dream shattering ex-wife gets 10 times, and her condescending ratfaced mom 20 times.

He thinks for about 10 minutes and agrees..

"For my first wish, I want you to make me richer by 100mil", the man says. Genie does his thing, and he is immediately fucking rich. But his wife and her mom are billionaires now. He is not even a little bit sad, in fact he is grinning like a drunk.

"For my second wish, I wish i had a 2 awesome friends who would always be my side, and never let me drink alone, and treat me like a brother, and would always look out for me and love me for who I am and nothing else", the man says. The Genie bursts into tears and grants his wish. And his wife and her mom gets 10 and 20 times more awesome friends.

The genie is kind of disappointed and says, " Geez man, the reason God sent me to you was actually for you to get some revenge on those cunts. He thought you would come up with some devious wish which screws them up well. But I guess you are just a nice guy, who wants to get on with his life".

The man starts laughing and says, " God knows me well. Who am I am to disappoint great powers like you all. For my third wish, I wish I get a mild heart attack ".. .







His wife gets a 10 times milder heart attack, and her mom a 20 times milder heart attack..

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