Two Russian motorcycle cops are sitting on the side of the road.

by admin on April 1, 2014

This was a joke Ronald Reagan told about Gorbachev, but most people probably forgot about Gorbachev, so I made it about Putin.

These two Russian motorcycle cops are sitting on the side of a Russian highway. They both get a call from the Russian government telling them that every car caught speeding is to be pulled over and sent straight to jail.

Now, Vladamir Putin was in a huge hurry that day, and he told his limo driver to speed up, he wanted to get home to do man things. The Limo driver told Putin, "I can't sir, cars who speed will be taken straight to jail!"

Putin says, "Fine, I'll drive!"

So Putin gets in the drivers seat. He keeps gaining speed and gaining speed, and he passes the two motorcycle cops. One cop goes after him and pulls him over. The cop sees Putin, lets him go, and returns to the other cop.

The other cop said, "Hey, why'd you let that guy go?"

The one cop said, "No, no, this guy was too important!"

The other cop said, "Well who was it.?!"

The cop said, "I didn't see his face… but his driver was Putin!"

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