Two midgets win the lottery…

by admin on March 11, 2014

Two midgets win the lottery and to celebrate decide to get a hooker reach for the evening. Taking their ladies back to separate hotel rooms they start to get down to business. The first midgets evening however doesn't go too well. No matter how hard he tries he just can't get a hard on. He tries everything but to no avail, to make matters worse all he can hear from the next room is his little friends voice yelling "1,2,3, EEEUUUARGH! I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming! 1,2,3, EEEUUUARGH! I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming!". Fed up and somewhat embarrassed the first midget resigns to the fact he's not getting hits rocks off and so pays his woman and retirees for the evening alone. Still all he can hear from the next room is "1,2,3, EEEUUUARGH! I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming!", over and over until the early hours of the morning.

The next day the two little fellas meet up over breakfast. "So…" says the second dwarf nursing a sore back and horse throat, " how'd it go?". Hanging his head embarrassed the first dwarf replies " It was awful. I tried and i tried but I just couldn't get a hard on, I feel so ashamed". His friend shakes his head and sighs a long sigh. "Oh" he replies awkwardly after a brief pause, " You think you had it bad? I couldn't even get on the bed"

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