Two men are sat waiting for a bus in Wales.

by admin on March 20, 2014

The older one turns to the younger one and says "Do you see those old mines down there in the valley? Twenty years I spent down there, man and boy, quarrying the coal out of the rock. Without me none of the houses up there would have had coal for the winter. And do they call me Dewey the Coal Miner? No.

And do you see the railway line going over the hilltop? I used to drive the trains along that line every day for fifteen years. I used to take people all over the place, and bring letters and parcels from friends and family far away. And do they call me Dewey the Train Driver? No.

And do you see that little chapel up there on the hill? I was the organist there. Forty five years I spent, every week leading the faithful in worship there. And do they call me Dewey the Organist? Oh no.

But you shag one bloody sheep…"

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