This is long and old, but hopefully some of you haven’t heard it before…

by admin on March 21, 2014

Three men are on their way to a cabin miles from civilization for a three month long male bonding experience.

On the way there, they have the following conversation:

Man 1: "hey guys, I haven't gone three months without sex in a LONG time. What are we going to do if we get horny!?"

Man 2: "Well there's always old Betsy in the barn. If you get horny enough, ride her…"

Man 3: "Hell yea! Old Betsy. Forgot about her. Perfect."

Man 1: "You guys are sick! I'm not going anywhere near that damn horse!"

They make it to the cabin and after 2 months and after seeing the other two men making regular trips to the barn and coming back satisfied from their night of sex, the first man breaks down and runs out to the barn, pulls his pants down, and starts having sex with Old Betsy. The other two men walk in:


Man 3: "WHAT. THE. FUCK.!?"

Man 1: "I'm riding old Betsy like you guys did…

Man 3: "Yea, but we rode Old Betsy to town for a nice piece of ass…"

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