The worker at the match factory.

by admin on March 28, 2014

This guy works in a match factory on the assembly line.

One day he has an epiphany, the next day he marches up to the presidents office.

"I figured out how to save you millions" he says.

"For my idea I want 1 million dollars, if you implement it and it works you have to pay me as per this contract"

The president scoffs at him

"I went to the Harvard school of business, I think I know a bit more than you when it comes to saving this company money"

The president sends him back to the assembly line, but he's intrigued as the worker actually had a contract noted by a lawyer.

He calls a board meeting.

"If this guy actually paid a lawyer to write up this contract he must have something, were all smarter than this guy lets put our heads together and see if we can figure out what he came up with"

They spent the entire day in the board room discussing the wood they used in the matches to the dye they used to make the match heads different colors.

Nobody could see how a simple solution could save them millions.

The president calls the worker back into his office.

"All right you have our attention, we'll give you $5000 if your idea makes any sense"

The worker responds

"Sorry, 1 million dollars for a multi-million dollar idea. That is my offer, i'ts not negotiable"

The president is furious, he hires a private investigator to follow the worker, tap his phone, and pays off employees to spy on him.

After a month of watching him like a hawk nobody is any closer to figuring out his idea.

Finally the president can't take it anymore.

He calls the worker into his office.

"All right, you win, Ill sign your million dollar contract, but this idea has to save us millions or you get nothing"

"That's fine" says the worker.

The president signs the contract and passes it to the worker.

"Well what is it?" The president asks.

The worker looks over the contract, folds it in half and puts it in his pocket.

The room is silent as the president, his entire accounting team, and all the company's lawyers lean in to listen.

"The striker strips you put on the side of the match boxes are a fairly large expenditure right?"

The president looks over to the accountants.

"they're about 27% of the cost of a match box"

The worker smiles

The president jumps in "well what's you point, the match box is useless without striker stips on the sides"

The worker starts to make his way out the door, but before he leaves he turns and says

"Just put one strip on one side dumbass"

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