The Italian and His Son

by admin on April 7, 2014

An Italian man decides to get a new suit for his son and himself.

He steps inside a tailors shop and asks the tailor to make him the two suits.

The tailor replies most certainly sir, how would you like your shirt made?

The Italian man goes I want the shirt and jacket to look like this with the cuffs coming out like this and one for my son Giorgio and smacks him on the head.

The tailor is drawn back a bit but shrugs it off as if nothing happened.

The tailor than asks how would you like the pants?

The man replies yes I want the pants like this with the bottoms poofing out like this and on for my some Giorgio and this time gives him a pretty good smack.

At this the tailor gets a bit startled but still minds his own business assuming his son has done something wrong.

Okay the tailor says what else can I do for you.

The man says we will also get shoes with the pointy end like this and one for my son Giorgio and this time smack hits him so hard the kid falls down.

This time the tailor has had enough and he stands up looks the Italian man in the eye and says I must ask sir you have hit your son reputedly and ever harder each time, I must know why do you do this?

The man says you want to know do you.

I once fell in love with the most beautiful girl in all of Italy, her face was the more beautiful the Aphrodite's, her butt was the shape of an hour glass, her breasts were so plump and perky like this and her pussy was like this o. Then one day I ask her to marry me and 9 months later Giorgio come with his BIG A FUCKING HEAD and he smacks him once more.

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