The bar bet

by admin on April 15, 2014

A man walks into a bar to find a bottle full of 50 dollar bills on the table. He asks the bartender what the deal is to which he replies "give me 50 dollars and I'll tell you." The man decides it's not worth it and orders a drink. After he's had a few, the man is a little tipsy and getting more and more curious about this bottle full of 50's so he decides to go for it.

The bartender tells the man that if he completes three tasks, he wins the whole bottle. The first task was to drink a full cup of vodka without making a face. The second was to go out into the alley behind the bar and pull a rotten tooth out of the guard dog out there. Finally, there was an old lady in the upstairs apartment who had never had an orgasm so the third task was to make her cum.

The man agrees and immediately downs the vodka without a problem. After this, he stumbles out the back door of the bar to perform the second task. After about 20 minutes of barking and screaming the man comes back inside, covered from head to toe in bites and scratches and asks the bartender "alright now where's this old lady who needs her tooth pulled?"

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