Tell me, what part of my body is the greatest?

by admin on February 4, 2015

A man had just moved in in a new apartment on the 5th floor. One morning, he was going to get his mail on the first floor. When he arrived, he saw a beautiful, blond woman, getting her mail as well. She was wearing an almost transparent morning robe, and the man started to blush. The woman saw the man and approached him.

"So… are you new in the building?" She smiled, while stroking her hair.

"Yes, I just moved in on the 5th floor" the man stuttered. Upon closer look, he could see that the blonde wasn't wearing any underwear.

She saw that the man was now sweating. He could see her body beneath the robe! She had a perfect body. Nice round tits, slim waist and long beautiful legs.

"I hear someone coming, do you want to come inn and get a cup of coffee?"

The man nodded, and followed the blond to her apartment. Once inside, she slid of her robe, completely naked, turned to the man and said:

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes" Said the man, exhausted!

"What part of my body is the greatest?" She whispered.

"Your ears" He said.

"My ears?" She was unsettled by his answer.

"What about my tits, my legs, my beautiful ass? I have the body of a goddess, and you say my ears are the greatest?"

"Yes, your body is the most beautiful I have ever seen, but when you said you heard someone coming…"

"Go on…" she said with an angry tone.

"That was me!"

I take no credit for the joke, I just found it hilarious when I heard it from a friend 😉 I tried to spell check this, sorry if any mistakes fell through…

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