So a man and his father…

by admin on April 20, 2014

A man and his father were at the man's house, when his dad notices a bottle on the table. He picks it up and asks, "Hey, whats up with this viagra stuff? Can I give it a try?

The man replies with, "Eh, well, you really shouldn't…"

-C'mon, just a little, I haven't gotten frisky in a while."

-Uh, whatever. Try it…

-Great, thanks. If it works well, i'll leave 10$ by your computer in the morning.

So in the morning, when the man woke up, he noticed 20$ right next to his computer. He tells his dad, "Dad, I thought you said you'd leave only 10$ if the viagra worked fine."

"I did. The other 10$ is from your mother"

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