Paddy Englishman, Paddy Irishman and Paddy Scotsman are having their lunch on at work…..

by admin on April 19, 2015

Paddy Englishman opens his lunchbox and sees a ham sandwich. He says, "for God's sake, I'm sick of ham sandwiches. If my wife gives me a ham sandwich one more time I'm gonna jump of the top of this building." Paddy Irishman open's his lunchbox and and see's a turkey sandwich. "I'm sick of turkey sandwiches, if I've to eat one more I'm going to jump from the roof of this building as well." When Paddy Scotman's opens his lunchbox he sees a chicken sandwich and decides that if he gets another chicken sandwich he too will jump from the roof of the building.

The next day the three men open their lunchboxes, and seeing the same type of sandwiches as every other day, they all go up to the roof of the building and jump to their deaths.

At the funeral, the three wives are suffering from a mixture of grief and confusion. Paddy Englishman's wife says how if only he husband had told her his problem, she would gladly have changed his lunch. Paddy Irishman's wife also claims that she would have been willing to fill her husband's sandwiches with something else if he had asked. Finally, Paddy Scotman's wife speaks up, "I really don't understand why my husband killed himself, he made his own lunch everyday."

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