oh my poor butt itches

by admin on April 2, 2014

this is a old joke i hear when I was in elementary school, but hopefully y'all find it some what funny

so, there is a kid named buttitches, and he recently enrolled in a elementary school. On this first day, as everyone is sitting infront of the class, the teacher points to him and asks for his name. He replay "buttitches". The teacher then says " no, your real name" and the kid replys " buttitches", and the teacher then asks again in a bit of frustration " NO, i mean your REAL name", and the kid replys again " buttitches!". The teacher then tells the kid to go to the principles office.

At the principle office, the principle asks the kids name, so the kid replays " buttitches", the principle then says, " no, your real name" and the kid sighs and says " buttitches", and then in some frustration the principle asks again " No, your REAL name" and the kid replays " buttitches", and the principle tells him to go home.

as the kid walks home he sees his mom, and runs to her. In his excitment, he trips on the side walk, and scrapes his Knee. His mom in shock says in dismay " OH MY POOR BUTT ITCHES!" , and the neighbour next door yells back " WHY DONT YOU JUST SCRATCH IT!!"

This is my first post here, so hope you enjoyed it.

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