My kinesiology professor likes to tell jokes in class that he hears from other professors, friends or family. This was today’s gem. Warning, there’s a lot of lead-up, but that’s just how my teacher seems to tell jokes.

by admin on April 11, 2014

So there was a football game in the jungle between all of the big animals and all of the small animals, to see who was the best and would get the best spots at the watering hole. In the first half of the game, the small animals were getting obliterated–they couldn't gain a single yard on the big animals. So during halftime, the small animal team coach, Lemur, pulls everyone into a huddle and gives the best pep talk he can muster, and sends out the defensive line to start the second half. In the first play, Rhino makes a play down the middle and gets taken down after only moving 5 yards. In the second play, Lion tries to make a pass but goes down before he can throw the ball. Then the big animal team tries to run Giraffe down the right side in a third attempt to gain some ground, but he gets pushed back behind the line of scrimmage and gets taken down. The small animal coach, stunned, calls his players over to congratulate them. "You guys have really pulled it together! Who made that tackle on Rhino?" A small voice piped up, "That was me!" It was Centipede. "Great job, Centipede! And who took down Lion right before he was going to make a pass?" "That was me too," Centipede said in his tiny voice. "Did you make that block on Giraffe, too?" Coach Lemur asked. "Yes I did." "Where were you for the first half of the game, Centipede??" "I was getting my ankles taped."

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