Mixed Signals

by admin on April 3, 2014

Ben is sitting at home reading a magazine or something, I dunno, and his phone rings. He answers, "Hey, who's this?"

"Sup, Ben. It's Frank," is the reply.

B: "Hey, what's up, man?"

F: "Listen, I need some relationship advice. Can you help me?"

B: "Sure."

F: "Cool, thanks. Anyway, I've been seeing this girl lately. I'm really starting to like her, but I don't know what she's thinking. She's giving me mixed signals."

B: "How so?"

F: "Well, she said that she 'loved me like a brother.'"

B: "That seems pretty clear to me. She obviously just doesn't have a romantic attraction to you."

F: "Yeah, well that's the thing: she's from Kentucky."

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