Magic Trampoline

by admin on February 2, 2015

So two men are wasted on top of a skyscraper enjoying their time at a rooftop party. One man looks to the other and says "Watch this!" The guy leaps off the building and disappears into the darkness below, but then suddenly comes bounding back up and lands on the roof. "WOW!!" says the other man. "Now you try," says the first guy. The other man is uncertain. "There's a magical trampoline down there that'll throw you back up!" The other man ponders this for a minute then says ,"Let me see you do it again." The man shrugs and proceeds to leap off the building and once again comes flying back up and landing safely on the roof. "OK! My turn!" The other man jumps confidently off the skyscraper and eventually falls to his death to the street below. The man on the roof is looking over the edge when he is approached by another man who says,"Man Superman, you are sure a dick when you're drunk!"

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