little john (Portuguese translation)

by admin on March 15, 2014

John went to school and got homework to write 3 phrases he went home and asked his mother "mom say a phrase" she said "shut up"and he wrote shut up he asked his brother that was watching batman "brother,say a phrase"he said "I am batman,batman,batman"he wrote I'm batman,batman,batman.Then he went to his sister that was listening to music and asked "sister say a phrase"she said"I go in a taxi and YOU know it!"he wrote I go in a taxi and YOU know it!"He went back to school and the teacher asked "john did you do the work?" "shut up!"he said."John who are YOU to say that?!" "I'm batman,batman,batman!" "John go to the principals office now!!" "I go in a taxi and YOU know it!"

By:my friend John

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