It was JoeBob’s first day of school in the big city after moving from the back country…

by admin on March 25, 2014

…and one of the teachers was giving him a tour of the school. JoeBob was amazed at all of the different kinds of kids there were at this school compared to back home.

As they were walking the halls, he spotted a kid in a wheelchair. "Wow", he said, "Ya'll let cripples go school here too?"

"JOEBOB!" chided the teacher, "We don't say cripples, we say "mobility challenged!" You have to be very careful about offending people in the big city!"

Joebob nodded, and they continued walking the halls. Then, Joebob spotted a kid with huge glasses. "Well shucks! If that ain't the biggest four-eyes I ever did see!"

"JOEBOB! You don't call someone a four eyes, you say "visually challenged!""

"OK OK" he said, "I think I'm getting it"

They continued to walk, and they passed a group of black kids. "Well I'll be", said JoeBob, "They don't let coloreds go to the same schools as everyone else where I'm from!"


"Oh, I'm sorry..", he said, with a glimmer of understanding dawning on his face… "I should have said "racially challenged".

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