In a train…

by admin on March 23, 2014

Big Leroy, the black American football player, and Rabbi Sapperstein, the Jew, are riding in a train together.

It is a hot, sunny day, and there are many flies, lazily buzzing around the compartment. Suddenly, a fly lands on the Rabbi’s sleeve and he brushes it off in disgust.

A few moments later another fly lands, but this time on Big Leroy’s leg. The giant football star moves like lightning, and grabs the fly between two of his huge black fingers.

Leroy then slowly pulls off both the fly’s wings and pops it into his mouth, chewing it contentedly.

Soon afterwards, a fly lands on the Jew’s sleeve again. But this time, instead of brushing it off, the rabbi grabs it between two of his long, boney fingers.

He then slowly removes both of its wings, leans over to Leroy, and says, ”Wanna buy a fly?”

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