If you don’t believe that full human cloning is occurring…

by admin on March 14, 2014

…just look at each middle-aged female driver of every Range Rover that drives passed you on the road. Her name is Terrible Rich Identical Succubus Harlot, or "T.R.I.S.H." TRISH was the first successful prototype and there are many copies of her everywhere. She will be the only one in the car, appear very well-rested, hair, nails, and makeup always perfectly done, completely carefree, wearing gold jewelry, a 5+ carat diamond ring, and most likely on her way to either Neiman Marcus or Lord & Taylor. The TRISH copies derive their energy from prescription painkillers, white wine, Starbucks, gossip, and an endless shopping spree. Any interruptions to these resources and the TRISH clone will self-terminate. Keep your eyes out for the her on the road. Cloning is real…

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